What the customers say

Pipe Major Robert (Rab) Wallace, Glasgow, Scotland:

"No-one who plays a Ray Sloan Smallpipe will be disappointed."

Rab Wallace is a highly regarded and prize-winning player of the G.H.B. His skill extends into the playing of the Scottish Smallpipes which he uses extensively on recordings with the internationally known Trad' music band 'The Whistlebinkies'

Pipe Major Robert (Rab) Mathieson, Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe-band:

"Dear Ray, I am writing to thank you for my Bb set of Scottish Smallpipes and the extra 'A' chanter that you made for me. After many hours of trying to blow instead of squeeze and vice versa on the bigpipes, I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm also beginning to appreciate the quality of sound that your pipes produce. Having listened to sets by several other makers, I now realise the time and effort you must have spent to achieve such a fine sound. They are a joy to play. keep up the good work !"

Rab Mathieson is the retired Pipe Major of the renowned Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe-band of Glasgow. He is well regarded as a leading player and performer on the G.H.B. A composer and publisher of fine tunes with solo albums to his name, Rab is internationally known for his original approach to traditional material. He took up the Smallpipes at the start of the Smallpipes revival back in the late eighties when he continued his innovative approach with differing line-ups of instruments including playing Scottish Smallpipes made by Ray Sloan

Pipe Major Iain MacDonald, Glasgow, Scotland

"Ray Sloan is one of the foremost makers of Smallpipes. His range of instruments demonstrate a fine blend of workmanship combined with a distinct flare for the traditional. His smallpipes represent an instrument well-suited to the Highland Piper making the transition to the bellows-blown pipes"

Iain MacDonald, Pipe major to the Neilston & District Pipe Band, is a prize winning piper on the G.H.B. also well respected as a player of the smallpipes. He has been recorded on a number of Bagpipe Albums.

Alan Jones. Montreal. Canada.

"In my extensive travels to meet and hear pipe-makers and players of all kinds of bagpipes it is to the impeccable workmanship and sound of Ray Sloan's pipes that I constantly return and at all times admire. Ray's pipes respect the long-standing tradition and standards of manufacture set by such great mnakers as Robert Reid, yet incorporate tasteful refinements of style and technique that only a master masker, as Ray Sloan certainly is, can convincingly achieve.

Any individual who owns a set of Ray's Smallpipes will undoubtedly find hours of pleasure in playing them and will certainly be the proud owner of an instrument that will be admired for generations to come."

Alan Jones is an internationally respected collector and historian with an equally respected important collection of pipes, particularly bellows pipes, covering all generations. He started the now famous 'North American Northumbrian Pipers Convention' which later became the equally famous 'Pipers Gathering' held annualy in Burlington, Vermont. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

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